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    • No Methanol
    • No Toxins or Odor
    • FDA Approved
    • Made in USA
    • Moisturizing
    • Germ Killing
    • Trusted by Hospitals
  • Giving Back

    A Pillar of Nurses Station is Charity. Our aim is growing more and giving more.

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    American Nurses Foundation

    Our brand was inspired by nurses and our partnership to give proceeds from every purchase to nurses and frontline healthcare workers has been monumental.

  • Q&A during Covid-19

    Does Nurses Station Hand Sanitizer kill germs?

    Our hand sanitizers exceed the CDC minimum for alcohol percent. Health care workers who use our products as part of their hand hygiene routine can inform patients that they are following CDC guidelines. This is a must have during this pandemic and everyday to stop the spread of illness causing germs and keep hands clean.

    Is it safe for kids?

    Great for kids, parents and teachers. Ingredients are gentle enough for children’s sensitive skin, while still killing germs. Great to use at home, in your classroom or in your business. Anywhere that germs lurk.

    Is this convenient to use?

    Our hand sanitizer dispenser bottles are great for personal use. Keeping a bottle handy in your home, office, car and bag is a great preventative measure. Our travel size is accepted by TSA.

    Is this a non-sticky formula?

    Quickly clean your hands without irritating or drying your skin. Plus it is non-sticky!

    Where is this made?

    Proudly produced in the USA! Our facility is registered with the FDA. We follow cGMP so you know that our products are always consistent in quality. We run a fully-secured campus, including office space, production area, lab, and warehouse space. We are not a distillery, we've always been skincare company.

    How I know which hand sanitizer works best?

    Nurses Station creates only FDA approved hand sanitizer. That means that we submitted our confidential formula to the FDA, who reviewed and approved it! Plus we have NDC drug codes to prove it.

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    Committed to Since 2005 to

    American Manufacturing of

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    A Family Owned Company

    Dedicated to Giving Back


    Every Purchase supports the

    American Nurses Foundation

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